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The Last Kids on Earth


Required UC: 3 per episode

Young teenager Jack Sullivan and a group of friends live in a decked-out tree house, playing video games, eating candy, and fighting zombies in the aftermath of a monster apocalypse.


Actors: Nick Wolfhard, Bruce Campbell, Keith David

    Season 2:

  • S2, Ep10: Always Darkest   EUR   NA
  • S2, Ep09: Follow That Butler   EUR   NA
  • S2, Ep08: June Gloom   EUR   NA
  • S2, Ep07: Stay on Target   EUR   NA
  • S2, Ep06: The Thrull of Victory   EUR   NA
  • S2, Ep05: The Zombie Parade   EUR   NA
  • S2, Ep04: Bestiary Master   EUR   NA
  • S2, Ep03: Jack the Slayer   EUR   NA
  • S2, Ep02:Mall Quest free   EUR   NA
  • S2, Ep01:Last Kids Meet The Apocalypse free   EUR   NA
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